MYLO – My local network

The #1 app to meet new people nearby. Start building your local network now – quick, easy and free!

Download the app to...

  • Find local business partners
  • Socialize with your neighborhood
  • Meet friends when they are nearby
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  • Chris Bernaut, CEO interior design firm
    „Since I use MYLO, we have twice as many requests out of our direct neighborhood which saves me time and money."
  • Dr. Christiana Werk, Member of the board law firm
    „Now I meet my clients in foreign cities much more frequently. Networking has never been easier."
  • Kathrin Imburg, Student University of Düsseldorf
    „There are plenty of people I have seen on campus but never had a chance to talk to. Now I get to know them!"

Our features

Discover your neighborhood

With the neighborhood view you can always see who is currently in your vicinity. Meet new people or meet your friends when they are in your area.

Find specific contacts

The intelligent contact search is linked to profiles of all major social networks. In this way you always find the right contact in your vicinity.

Fully informed

A user's individual page provides all the important information of the connected social networks. Due to the direct connection, all data is always up-to-date. This saves time and makes the contact request successful.

Contact directly

Several shared user data is consolidated. In addition to phone numbers, emails and business addresses, we also offer instant messages to interact with your friends for free.

Pause geo tracking

Use the pause function to switch off geo tracking quickly and easily and your location based info is no longer collected.